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ADS StormTech - the hidden art of stormwater management

Increasingly stringent regulations and escalating land values demand innovative solutions for managing stormwater runoff.

Science, art and engineering unite in the StormTech below ground water attenuation system.

ADS StormTech is engineered to provide a durable solution for any size of commercial, residential, industrial or infrastructure installation. As part of an integrated SuDS system, StormTech can help provide valuable surface space for parking, playgrounds or other amenities. As such, it’s an attractive alternative to crates, pipes and vaulted systems with numerous benefits.

StormTech affords low embodied carbon per m³ of attenuated water compared with alternative systems and is recyclable. It is independently tested, BBA approved and fully compliant with ASTM F2787, F2418 and F2922.

ADS StormTech has a range of benefits that make it the world’s preferred below ground water attenuation system. In fact, it makes other subsurface systems look simply substandard.

StormTech offers a cost-effective solution for stormwater attenuation by including a FREE integrated water quality treatment system. This is independently tested and validated by NJCAT/NJDEP to provide over 80% TSS removal.


How StormTech works


StormTech chambers are injection moulded to ensure consistent quality and performance. Not all chambers are made this way, and even StormTech’s colour and its semi-elliptical shape are deliberate engineering design choices based on sound science supported by a demanding testing regime.

The chambers shape the embedment stone into structural arches with load bearing columns, making StormTech more adaptable than other systems as it’s the stone that transmits the majority of the load – not the chamber.

MC chambers

Flexible design options

StormTech is available with a wide range of chamber sizes. This makes it easy to optimise systems suitable for all conditions, including low cover depths and deep installations. It’s also highly adaptable and can be configured around obstacles and affords multiple inlet and outlet positions.

StormTech chambers lock together providing uninterrupted access for inspection and maintenance. Standard inlet and outlet pipe manifolds, manholes, access chambers and flow controls can also be used.

stormwater drainage

SC/DC chambers

Simple installation and maintenance

And it’s not just at the design stage, StormTech is also quick and easy to install and inspect and can be maintained using standard equipment.

stormtech Ads pipes

Case Studies

ads pipes case studies

Browse our selection of case histories, chosen from over 50,000 installations across the globe ranging from St Petersburg and Guernsey airports to the DC United Stadium, Washington DC and Lidl stores throughout the USA.

ads pipes

Comprehensive design and technical support

Our unique Design Tool provides quick and effective system design optimisation, that can be integrated with CAD and other design, engineering and specification documents.

Sample designs and layouts are also available and for the most expert and up-to-date advice, speak to one of our design engineers on +1 800 821 6710. Our SiteASSIST app includes comprehensive installation instructions and helpful videos, making working with StormTech fast, easy and efficient.

Advanced Drainage Systems

StormTech is manufactured by ADS, America’s largest manufacturer of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. StormTech has a long and successful track record with over 50,000 system installations using in excess of 3m units.

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