StormTech tanks leading the charge to greener cities

StormTech chambers can be an integral part of a green infrastructure project by offering additional scope for the designer to enhance performance and resolve technical issues.

StormTech has previously been used in a variety of GI applications including, pavements that allow the movement of water through the surfacing

material. The StormTech system can be installed below the pavement or used in combination with other SuDS systems to enhance the water storage capacity and pollutant removal performance.

In Francisco Park 372 StormTech chambers were installed in the existing reservoir to provide a total storage capacity of 2,000m3 of water. This has enabled the reservoir to be transformed into a sustainable and cost-effective community space with a stormwater capture and reuse system that will perpetually provide water for the park’s irrigation and toilets.

StormTech was chosen for this project as they provided the best ratio of storage volume to footprint area.

StormTech is manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS). ADS is America’s largest manufacturer of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. To read the full story click here.