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Reduce below-ground SuDS attenuation costs with ADS StormTech

Great News! ADS StormTech stands out as the sole SuDS attenuation and water quality management system with 3rd party verified Mitigation Indices (MIs), officially recognised for saving both time and money. 

For detailed results, visit the British Water website.

ADS StormTech’s below-ground SuDS attenuation system uniquely meets water quality requirements for certain projects without the need for additional SuDS components in the treatment train. This translates to potential savings on both capital and maintenance costs. 

The MIs for Isolator Row, the inbuilt water quality treatment device in ADS StormTech, are impressive: TSS = 0.8, Metals = 0.6, and Hydrocarbons = 0.7. These values comply with Medium pollution hazard applications per Table 26.2 of CIRIA C753 The SuDS Manual and also meet TSS requirements for High pollution hazard applications.

All results are 3rd party verified, calculated in line with The SuDS Manual and the British Water ‘How To Guide’.

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Improved solutions in stormwater management

The government’s plan for water, coupled with the implementation of Schedule 3 of the flood and Water Management Act 2010 in England, addresses concerns over wastewater discharges and the ageing sewer system in the UK.

These innovations pave the way for the inclusion of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) as standard practice in the design, construction and adoption of new developments starting in 2024. 

SuDS Treatment Train

Effective SuDS are designed to revolve around a treatment train that tackles both water quantity and quality. With various natural and engineered alternatives available, with optimum solutions balancing factors including cost, space availability, flow rates and pollutant loading. 

TSS Removal

Stormwater runoff typically contains sediments, metals, hydrocarbons and nutrients. Total suspended solids (TSS), or particularly matter, are a primary factor for water treatment as they carry TSS removal is crucial for water quantity, preventing capacity reduction for storage and flow.

Isolator Row in ADS StormTech

ADS StormTech offers an underground SuDS attenuation system that offers integrated water quality management. The Isolator Row has two treatment stages, this provides gravity separation and filtrations through a geotextile fabric. Downstream StormTech chambers offer an additional treatment stage, where pollutants can absorb onto stones. This breaks down over time into non-polluting material. The Isolate Row has been tested and validated to remove over 80% of TSS, metals, hydrocarbons, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other pollutants. It’s easy to maintain using standard sewer cleaning equipment. 

To find out more about Improved solutions in stormwater management read our full article here. 

New rules for SuDs and pollution management

The Departments for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) launched The Plan for Water in April. Designed to “transform management of the water system, clean up the water environment and create a sustainable supply of water for people, business and nature”.

However, The Plan for Water is not the only recent initiative that revealed a sharper focus on the environment and water management. Earlier this year the Government announced its intention to implement Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 (FWMA) in England. This will accelerate the adoption of SuDS and enforce statutory requirements for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of assets.

With SuDS and water quality at the heart of the new government initiatives, designers will be relieved to learn that with ADS StormTech , there is a storm water attenuation system that has water quality as an integral part of its design. To book a CPD seminar, simply click here or call 0203 442 0607. To find out more about The Plan for Water read our latest newsletter here.

StormTech tanks leading the charge to greener cities

StormTech chambers can be an integral part of a green infrastructure project by offering additional scope for the designer to enhance performance and resolve technical issues.

StormTech has previously been used in a variety of GI applications including, pavements that allow the movement of water through the surfacing

material. The StormTech system can be installed below the pavement or used in combination with other SuDS systems to enhance the water storage capacity and pollutant removal performance.

In Francisco Park 372 StormTech chambers were installed in the existing reservoir to provide a total storage capacity of 2,000m3 of water. This has enabled the reservoir to be transformed into a sustainable and cost-effective community space with a stormwater capture and reuse system that will perpetually provide water for the park’s irrigation and toilets.

StormTech was chosen for this project as they provided the best ratio of storage volume to footprint area.

StormTech is manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS). ADS is America’s largest manufacturer of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. To read the full story click here.

ADS meets Eurocode design loading

ADS StormTech below ground SuDS attenuation has been used within over 50,000 projects worldwide. Eurocode modelling demonstrates that the standard StormTech Construction Guidelines for minimum and maximum cover depths can be used for both shallow and deep applications.

This enables the SuDS attenuation system to be installed under roads with HGV traffic loading with a cover depth as shallow as 350mm. StormTech’s arch-shaped chambers are designed and manufactured to codes and standards published by the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the ASTM international.

Thanks to the wide range of StormTech chamber sizes available design can be adapted to meet many site configurations. All sizes of the StormTech chamber have been analysed using a finite element analysis (FEA) model to Eurocode design principles. In the most demanding loading scenarios and the calculations proved that all StormTech chambers are structurally adequate for each of the four Eurocode load model cases.

StormTech is now available in the UK and other European countries. With no “equivalent” standard to the AASHTO or ASTM available in the UK, ADS commissioned a modelling study to demonstrate their performance under the Eurocode design methodology.

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