Improved solutions in stormwater management

The government’s plan for water, coupled with the implementation of Schedule 3 of the flood and Water Management Act 2010 in England, addresses concerns over wastewater discharges and the ageing sewer system in the UK.

These innovations pave the way for the inclusion of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) as standard practice in the design, construction and adoption of new developments starting in 2024. 

SuDS Treatment Train

Effective SuDS are designed to revolve around a treatment train that tackles both water quantity and quality. With various natural and engineered alternatives available, with optimum solutions balancing factors including cost, space availability, flow rates and pollutant loading. 

TSS Removal

Stormwater runoff typically contains sediments, metals, hydrocarbons and nutrients. Total suspended solids (TSS), or particularly matter, are a primary factor for water treatment as they carry TSS removal is crucial for water quantity, preventing capacity reduction for storage and flow.

Isolator Row in ADS StormTech

ADS StormTech offers an underground SuDS attenuation system that offers integrated water quality management. The Isolator Row has two treatment stages, this provides gravity separation and filtrations through a geotextile fabric. Downstream StormTech chambers offer an additional treatment stage, where pollutants can absorb onto stones. This breaks down over time into non-polluting material. The Isolate Row has been tested and validated to remove over 80% of TSS, metals, hydrocarbons, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other pollutants. It’s easy to maintain using standard sewer cleaning equipment. 

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