Reduce below-ground SuDS attenuation costs with ADS StormTech

Great News! ADS StormTech stands out as the sole SuDS attenuation and water quality management system with 3rd party verified Mitigation Indices (MIs), officially recognised for saving both time and money. 

For detailed results, visit the British Water website.

ADS StormTech’s below-ground SuDS attenuation system uniquely meets water quality requirements for certain projects without the need for additional SuDS components in the treatment train. This translates to potential savings on both capital and maintenance costs. 

The MIs for Isolator Row, the inbuilt water quality treatment device in ADS StormTech, are impressive: TSS = 0.8, Metals = 0.6, and Hydrocarbons = 0.7. These values comply with Medium pollution hazard applications per Table 26.2 of CIRIA C753 The SuDS Manual and also meet TSS requirements for High pollution hazard applications.

All results are 3rd party verified, calculated in line with The SuDS Manual and the British Water ‘How To Guide’.

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